07 – 09 October 2024
Riyadh International
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Market Overview

Purchasing Power of Mothers, are Driving a Multi Billion US$ Health Care, Nursery, Pre-School Equipment & Baby Furniture Market Segment...

$3.8 Billion
Child Health Care

Saudi Arabia’s child’s health care market size is estimated to reach $3.8 Billion in 2024. Wide spread opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers at the fastest growing market in the G20.

$2.21 Billion
Nursery, Pre-School Equipment & Baby Furniture

The market of nursery and and pre-school equipment is projected to generate a revenue of $2.21 Billion in 2024, with an impressive annual growth rate of 4.38%. The baby furniture and accessories market size is estimated to grow 8.45% in 2024. This steady growth in market expansion is offering wide spread business opportunities.

Baby Food Market and Clothing & Accessories are also High Growth Market Segments...

$1.7 Billion
Baby Food Market

Revenue in the Baby Food market amounts to US$1,7 Billion in 2024. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.72% (CAGR 2024-2028). Products such as powdered milk, processed vegetables, meats and fruits form the major part of the continued high growth segment.

$1.17 Billion
Clothing & Accessories

Mother’s are increasing spending on their children’s clothing. In 2024, the projected revenue in for baby clothes market in Saudi Arabia amounts to US$1.17bn. Business opportunities for clothes, shoes and accessories will accelerate.

The Hygiene Products and the Baby Furniture's Market are also other Key Segments of the Kingdom’s and the regional Growth Markets...

$440 Million
Hygiene Products

Due to increasing disposable income and the focus on baby comfort and hygiene. The baby diaper and the hygiene market will reach $440 Million by 2024 with a growth rate of 6.21%.

$800 Million

With the acceleration of the Saudi economy and increased consumer activity in the child needs market, toys purchases are projected to reach $800 Million in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 5.36%. Major sub-sectors of toys such as dolls reached $112 Million, whilst children’s bicycles and tricycles, reached $56 Million in 2023.

The Saudi Market is experiencing High Growth in Parental Security and Monitoring and Baby Mobility Market...

Growth in Baby Monitoring & Digital Parenting

Surging population of working parents, high disposable income, real-time monitoring awareness, factors driving the high 7.45% growth. Almost 50% of Saudi parents are using parenting Apps to control videos, games and websites. Opportunities for digital App will see accelerated growth in the Saudi parenting market.

High Growth
Baby & Child Mobility Products

The growth in demand for baby and child mobility results from the increasing share of working mothers in the labor force, disposable income, and expanding life style activities and related expenditures.

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